Why Antione Dodson isn’t funny

6 Sep

I never understood why people found this video of Antione Dodson so funny. But I was also never able to articulate super elegantly why I felt that way, until I read this blog post by Potente Susurro. I won’t summarize it here because I really want you to read the whole thing yourself.

Thanks to Milena Placentile for the link.


2 Responses to “Why Antione Dodson isn’t funny”

  1. Gabby October 4, 2010 at 11:13 pm #

    I am late on this, but just wanted to say for the record that I agree that Dodson isn’t funny, but that I am still totally compelled by the original newscast and its subsequent incarnations, and all the critique surrounding it. The popularity of the video and auto-tune song is defs problematic, and a lot of the criticism about Dodson’s statements even more so (a lot of thinly veiled classism and racism involved, obviously). But I don’t know if it’s as cut-and-dry as the Susurro article makes it out to be. Part of what I am drawn to in the Dodson video is the ridiculousness of his response to the equally ridiculous, non-interventionist response of the police to the situation, which is systemic. It is not a logical, useful or even “appropriate” (in the most liberal sense of that word) response, but its excess makes the ridiculousness and oppressiveness (not a word, I know) of the situation all the more obvious. There is a kind of cognitive dissonance involved in it that I think is rare and worth considering, especially if it generates discussion, which the video obviously has.

    At least that’s what I think I think, given that I have had some wine this evening.

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