Tina Fey can be the boss of my pants

16 Apr

Let’s pretend it hasn’t been like 4 months since I blogged something. God I hate that verb. Blog. But I guess ‘writing something and then publishing it on the internet’ is a bit wordy.

So I just finished reading Tina Fey’s Bossypants, and it is great. I snorted many times. My thoughts, in no particular order:

Thank goodness that when she writes about her daughter and family it is entertaining and I don’t glaze over.

It is an autobiography but it still has a bunch of dumb stories in it that I would never find interesting to tell. It’s a wonderful testament to how boring she can sort of be. And how boring we can all sort of be.

She thinks of things to say/write that I would never think of. That’s probably because she is a separate human being from me and not me and that I am my own person and that my brain is different and I like to write the same thing in different ways several times in the same sentence.

Tina Fey does not own a driver’s license. Did not know that.

The chapter about her Palin stint was boring. There’s also some excerpts of NBC scripts and stuff that I imagine would wet someone’s underpants, but I’m not one of those people. BORING. I like anecdotes and stories better.

I like that she has a scar because I have one too. The only difference is that she thinks she got treated special by friends and family because of hers. Or more specifically – treated in a way that caused her to think she was more special and talented than she really was. But she is wrong about that. I think she is special and talented. People weren’t extra nice or special to me because of my facial laceration, but I am often clueless about such things. Maybe my scar needed to be bigger for that to happen? I just know that I probably used my unfortunate facial laceration to convince my parents and extended family to buy shit for me that perhaps they would have never gotten for me otherwise. In summary, Fey corroborates my belief that if you don’t have looks to fall back on, you’d better have some other shit going on.

Tina Fey has not had a ton of  proper jobs outside the realm of comedy. That fills me with equal parts of surprise and envy.

In summary I need to read more books and let my cat Pants lie on me. She is the bossypants of me, quite literally.


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