9 Feb

Due to unusual work/life/leisure circumstances, I found myself in Florida with some time to kill a couple of weeks ago. Naturally, my beautiful weirdo brain was all like GO TO DISNEY WORLD ALL BY YOURSELF. So I did.

I had the best time! If you were wondering whether a trip to Disney World would be fun alone as a mature adult grown up lady, IT TOTALLY IS SO MUCH OF ALL OF THE FUN.


Hot thoughts and tips:

  1. ‘Fast Pass’ the rides you want to do as early as you can. That’s a weirdo system where essentially you reserve a time period for the rides you want.
  2. If you’re a single rider, Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom) and Test Track (EPCOT) both have single rider lines. They will let you get to the front of the line quite quickly.
  3. There are a lot of opportunities to eat and drink flights of things. If you love small servings, WDW might be the place for you. I got a flight of martinis one night and I swear the entire restaurant stared at me with jealousy.
  4. Magic Kingdom is almost always busy but the other parks seem to be quieter during the week than on weekends.
  5. World Showcase at EPCOT is like my favorite thing. Warm sake while I watch fireworks? Don’t mind if I do! Croissants and macarons from France in the morning for breakfast? Yes please! I could go on like this for quite some time. Like why travel when you can just go to EPCOT’s World Showcase – it’s all of the good things about places with none of the bad. (I am only half-joking.)
  6. YOU CAN ORDER GREEN BEANS LIKE FRENCH FRIES. LIKE FRENCH FRIES. In certain places. I called my husband super excited with this information but he was like “honey, if that was a viable business model they would do it other places but obviously it isn’t” and I was like BUT GREEN BEANS.
  7. At no point during my trip did I feel catcalled or harassed. Everyone was with their families and generally on very good behaviour. This is such a strange and sad thing to notice: that feeling of not being leered at, joyously.
  8. Four days is like the perfect amount of time for this during the off-season. Maybe five days, if you want to get a thorough feeling of all of the parks.
  9. If you get a park hopper, it’s a good idea because it lets you go to the Magic Kingdom at night to ride the rides after all the babies are gone to bed and the other parks are closed.
  10. The Disney app is useful for helping you plan your trip (ride descriptions, dinner reservations), and great for indicating wait times. Unfortunately, it crashes a lot.

What the trip taught me: I am very fun. I seriously like myself a lot now. NOW WHERE ARE THE GREEN BEANS LIKE FRENCH FRIES I WANT THEMroasted_whole_green_beans_fries_3


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